Optimal Blue provides an integrated platform to meet secondary marketing needs

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History of Optimal Blue from the ‘About Us’ Page. Having pioneered the concept and created the first internet-based product and pricing engine in the 90’s, the founders of Optimal Blue have leveraged their experience to develop the most accurate and effective secondary marketing automation platform on the market today.

Optimal Blue, the leading provider of secondary marketing automation and services in the mortgage industry, announced the release of their powerful social media publishing tool. Optimal Blue’s publishing solution was released with complete integration to the unique monitoring, audit, and collaboration capabilities of their comprehensive social media platform, the only all-in-one platform designed specifically for the needs of the mortgage industry.

Optimal Blue, a provider of secondary marketing automation and services in the mortgage industry, recently the completion of a "lights-out" integration between its comprehensive hedge advisory and loan trading platforms. The announcement exemplifies Optimal Blue’s ongoing commitment to provide enterprise, end-to-end automation through superior technology with functional depth.

RADNOR, PA and PLANO, TX – November 14, 2013 – Essent Guaranty, Inc., a nationwide provider of mortgage insurance (MI), and Optimal Blue, award-winning provider of the industry-leading, enterprise level, end-to-end product, pricing and secondary marketing automation platform, announced today that Essent MI is now integrated within Optimal Blue’s workflow platform.

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Imagine a platform designed specifically for mortgage lenders that. easy to use broker interface with automated broker disclosures, we partner with you to meet the needs of more borrowers with less.

Optimal Blue operates the mortgage industry’s Digital Marketplace, connecting originators, investors, and providers with a single, unified technology and value-added services platform. Optimal Blue’s Digital Marketplace enables originators to automate their entire secondary marketing operation, from content through commitment, provides investors with network access and an array of compliance and business intelligence tools, and offers innovative providers API-based access to the Optimal.

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